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Sealcoating asphalt is a crucial service that helps protect and extend the life of your pavement. Our proprietary seal coating is superior (and exclusive) to our customers’ sealcoating needs and is specifically formulated to provide a durable and long-lasting solution for your asphalt surfaces. We can prevent damage from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and heavy traffic by applying a protective sealant. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in sealcoating asphalt, ensuring that your pavement receives the best care possible. Billy Jacobson, Owner, is on every job site! Trust us to enhance the appearance and durability of your asphalt surfaces with our Best in Westchester and Fairfield counties sealcoating service. CONTACT
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Castle Driveway’s crack-filling service repairs cracks in the pavement to prevent further damage and save your driveways, pathways, and parking lots. We utilize hot crack filling, the best in the industry, to create a measurable seal that ensures long-lasting results. By promptly addressing these cracks, you can save your driveway from more extensive and costly repairs. Our professional team is committed to providing top-notch service to protect your pavement and help ensure the longevity and durability of your asphalt surface, enhancing its durability. Trust us to care for your crack-filling needs with precision and expertise. CONTACT


When it comes to pothole repair, opting for a professional solution can save you both time and money. Removing and completely replacing asphalt is a time-consuming and expensive project. At Castle Driveway, we specialize in efficiently repairing troubled asphalt and potholes. Our advanced INFRARED technology allows us to heat the problem area, smooth out bumps, add a small amount of asphalt, and rake out the area to create a smooth, finished, flat surface. Once the repair is complete, we can seal coat the entire area, restoring it to look new. As of now, we’re still the only provider in Westchester and Fairfield counties who owns and operates Infrared equipment. In short, it’s very economical, saving property owners major amounts of money. Castle Driveway has been trusted since 1979 to provide professional and cost-effective solutions for all your asphalt repair and beautification needs. CONTACT


In the realm of asphalt repair, sometimes odd problems occur, compromising the integrity of your driveway or parking lot. Beyond the usual suspects like weather and heavy traffic, there are less common issues that can disrupt your blacktop. Invasive root systems from nearby trees, unusual fungus growth, and other unexpected damages can necessitate cutting out the trouble. Castle Driveway is a professional team that is well-equipped to handle such laborious challenges. We meticulously cut out the affected area and skillfully patch it up, restoring your asphalt to its former glory and ensuring optimal performance again. Trust us to address these uncommon issues with precision and expertise, leaving your asphalt looking as good as new. CONTACT


Castle Driveway offers expert power washing services perfect for non-asphalt areas like Belgian blocks, slate, roadways, pathways, pool decks, concrete parking structures, and exterior concrete floors. Our professional high-pressure washing system effectively cleanses dirt buildup from traffic, auto fluid leaks, debris from Mother Nature, and more. With measurable results, our power washing services ensure that your surfaces are left looking clean and rejuvenated. Trust Castle Driveway for all your power washing needs and experience the difference our professional tools and experience can make! CONTACT


After any of the above services, especially sealcoating, commercial parking lots require precise line striping to ensure organized and efficient vehicle parking. At Castle Driveway, we understand the importance of attention to detail in every aspect of our work. Our team is dedicated to meeting your specifications, whether you prefer yellow or white stripes or blue markings for ADA-compliant parking spaces. We take pride in our professional approach to line striping, ensuring that your parking lot looks neat and organized and complies with all necessary regulations. Castle Driveway provides expert line striping services that enhance the aesthetics of your commercial parking lot. CONTACT


Castle Driveway specializes in installing over 400 popular parking lot accessories to enhance the functionality and safety of your parking area. Our wide range of Parking Lot Supplies includes Valet Equipment, Parking Revenue Control, Traffic Enforcement, car stops, speed bumps, fire lane signs, parking ordinance signs, and much more. We’ve installed accessories at many well-known national chains and local churches, hospitals, schools, country clubs, and airport parking centers. With our professional expertise and top-quality accessories, we ensure that your parking lot is well-equipped to meet all your needs and local ordinances. Trust Castle Driveway to provide you with the best solutions for your parking lot accessories, making your parking area efficient and secure for all users. CONTACT

Over 400 Accessories available for Installation

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