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New Asphalt vs. Broken Asphalt

The basic three stages of asphalt of residential and commercial applications. The top layer is commonly referred to “Black Top”

New Asphalt, compressed aggregate, with a deep black finish color. (Top layer) Middle layer: 6″ item #4, compacted sturdy base. Bottom layer depicts properly compacted ground soil.

The illustrations depict the aging process of asphalt. It’s the same for residential and commercial applications. The truth is, the ground moves from heat (expansion) and freezing (contraction) as well as underground root growth or water, which may not be visible, but it’s there. The movement causes small cracks and weep holes, which allow water and debris to start the damaging breakdown process. Regular intervals of sealcoating will help prevent surface damage, extending the life of the asphalt installed.  

Asphalt Breakdown. Cracks are visible in the black-top surface, allowing water to seep below the surface. Damage begins breaking down the integrity of the compacted base. Notice that the top and middle layers are no longer flat. Everything is shifting.

Repairing asphalt is needed when sealcoating has yet to be performed or has been put off longer than recommended since the last sealcoating application.

Visible on the surface is severe “alligator” cracking. The asphalt is chipping and breaking apart. Potholes are forming. All layers have been compromised, the stone layer divides, and the bed shifts. Expensive replacement is required.

Castle Driveway uses a proprietary mixture of commercial-grade sealcoating applied to dry asphalt. The typical application lasts about three years for most residential locations. The actual time varies if the asphalt is in a full sun location, a full shade location, or something in between.

Commercial parking lots, for example, are usually in full sun, with heavy daily traffic. Many vehicles leak various fluids; the abundant sun and oils can quickly break down and compromise the asphalt.

Replacing asphalt is very expensive. There are many variables to consider, including removal of old asphalt. The cost rises quickly if any base layers need to be fixed, compacted, or replaced. Castle Driveway is the only provider of the infrared system in our service area. In short, the infrared process heats the existing asphalt, which we rake out (often adding additional asphalt) to look like a large patch. Our process saves considerable budgets because we cook and reuse the asphalt already in place. We perform the work not to disturb the base, saving labor and time. Additionally, most homeowners prefer this method since there are no removal or dump fees.

Second, to sealcoating commercial properties, our infrared process is in high demand in cities and municipalities. Why? Because it’s effective and saves taxpayers money. It’s a quick and long-lasting remedy, so road closures are minimal.

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