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Castle Driveway is the best company for driveway seal coating, hot crack filling, pothole repair, cut & patch, infrared asphalt repair, and line stripping, serving Westchester and Fairfield counties. Castle Driveway is licensed in NY and CT and has solved asphalt problems for homeowners and commercial property managers since 1979.
Castle Driveway is trusted by hundreds of discerning customers each year in the fine towns of Pound Ridge, Bedford, North Salem, South Salem, Lewisboro, Armonk, Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Mt. Pleasant, White Plains, Harrison, Rye, Purchase, Mamaroneck, Rye Brook, and nearby communities.
In Fairfield County, hundreds of astute and knowledgeable customers in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Wilton, Weston, Ridgefield, Redding, and nearby towns rely upon Castle Driveway for expert quality.
We are fully licensed and guarantee our work, making us your first choice for residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and asphalt repair, maintenance, and beautification. Billy Jacobson, Owner, is on every job! Only Castle Driveway provides the highest quality materials in our trade area. No two driveways are the same! We treat each as our own, with expert attention to detail. We apply seal coating around Belgian blocks, gravel, bricks, slate, steps, drain grates, and walls. Driveways are our specialty. After all, a beautiful driveway is honestly the ultimate curb appeal!
We set the standard by giving our customers the highest quality materials and workmanship for the money. You will always receive a free on-site consultation to address your concerns. A detailed quote will reflect the best action to maintain your asset for years. We provide the truth in Asphalt repair and beautification for your asset. We’ll let you know if you need something other than seal coating or crack filling and refer you to a company you should meet with. Our reputation for honesty and superior quality materials, with extraordinary results, has kept us at the top of the best companies list since 1979. We welcome your inquiry. CONTACT
The Jacobsons
The Owner of Castle Driveway


Maintaining asphalt driveways and walkways early on is crucial to prolong the life of the blacktop. Asphalt replacement can be costly, making routine sealcoating maintenance every 3-4 years essential to preserve your property’s curb appeal and save thousands of dollars in the long run. When cracks, small holes, bumps, or irregularities appear, they indicate underlying issues and potential expenses. While the damage beneath the asphalt may not be visible, rest assured that trouble is looming just months away. Delaying the repair of cracks and holes will only escalate the costs of future repairs. Stay proactive and address these issues promptly to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your residential blacktop.
Residential blacktop maintenance is crucial in Westchester and Fairfield counties. The climate here can be unpredictable, with significant temperature fluctuations occurring even within the same week. These extreme weather conditions play a significant role in the maintenance of blacktop driveways. The hot temperatures cause the asphalt to expand, while cold or freezing temperatures make it contract. This constant expansion and contraction are the primary reasons for crack formation and edges breaking in different driveway sections. At Castle Driveway, we understand the importance of using high-quality sealers to protect your blacktop. Our commercial-grade proprietary sealer coats and seals the porous surface, preventing damaging water penetration and surface oxidation from harmful UV rays. Without proper sealing, rain, sleet, and snow can further compromise the integrity of a driveway. That’s why Castle Driveway offers fuel-resistant sealers that protect your asphalt from the harmful effects of gasoline, oils, automotive fluid spills, de-icers, and other harsh chemicals. Trust Castle Driveway for professional-grade maintenance solutions to keep your blacktop driveway looking its best and lasting for years.
See our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to answer several questions that are likely on your mind now.
We would love the opportunity to be of service to you. Click CONTACT, and give us the basic information. We’ll visit your location to inspect and measure your driveway and asphalt walkways. We will leave a FREE estimate of the work your asphalt needs to give your home the ultimate curb appeal. You do not need to be at home. We are quick and will leave the written estimate in your mailbox. We won’t disturb you, and we will not even ring the bell. Then, please contact us anytime to schedule your work. We make it easy. We don’t require homeowners to make an appointment, be home, or sit and listen to a sales pitch. It’s asphalt maintenance; we’ve provided the best in class service since 1979. More than eight thousand customers in our area trust Castle Driveway.


When it comes to commercial asphalt maintenance, one may wonder: what’s the difference between residential and commercial jobs? The answer is simple – often, it’s just the size of the job. However, our dedication to quality remains unwavering regardless of the scale. From our top-notch materials and skilled workmanship to our reliable guarantees and cheerful team, we uphold the same standards of excellence. Our steadfast commitment to professionalism ensures every project is executed precisely and carefully. Plus, the owner is at every job site!
Commercial sites, HOAs, apartment and condo complexes, office parks, shopping centers, and restaurants present unique challenges due to their larger parking areas and higher traffic volume. The most challenging aspect often lies in coordinating a day for work when all vehicles can be relocated so that we can work our magic. We work in large sections to avoid disrupting residents, customers, and employees as much as possible. Many jobs run several consecutive days, but we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature for dry days, just as we are for residential driveway jobs—Trust Castle Driveway to handle your commercial asphalt maintenance needs. We have the experience you want.
Only Castle Driveway owns and operates INFRARED technology in our service area. Our system is very economical and saves big money for the property owner, on every job. In short, our Infrared technology cooks a rectangular area of asphalt. If needed we add more to the hot mixture, rake it all out, flatten the area, and create a section, fixing the damaged area, making it look new.
You’ll recognize many of our corporate customers, by their logos on this page. Property managers should CONTACT us. We’re happy to meet with you at a convenient time, to fully understand your needs. For the best in Asphalt Maintenance in all of its variations, plus concrete power washing, line striping, and installation of parking lot accessories turn to Castle Driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions are below. For more information, though, please click over to ARTICLES. These articles have more complete information.
48 hours after completion. Driveways in direct sunlight will cure faster, and shaded driveways will be slower. Remember that the hotter and drier the day, the quicker the sealcoating dries. High humidity and shade may require a longer cure time. CONTACT
Since the sealcoating material is water-soluble, it will wash away when water is sprayed or runs over the asphalt. It is best to shut off water sprinklers 24 hours before sealcoating and 48 hours after completion. CONTACT
The proper way to seal cracks in your asphalt pavement is to use a hot crack filler. Unfortunately, some contractors drag extra sealer over cracks, giving the impression that the crack has been filled. While this allows them to offer a less expensive quote, it doesn’t resolve the problem. It’s a way of cheating the customer. CONTACT
When a freshly sealed driveway has a gray tint, this usually indicates that the contractor inadvertently added more water than the specifications allow, which in turn watered down the compound. Gray sealants will not last as long as expected. CONTACT
Sand is a manufacturer-specified thickening agent needed to increase the grit in sealcoating material. Some contractors still use a product called Gilsonite, which is extremely slippery and illegal. Castle Driveway does not use this product. We diligently use manufacturer-specified sand to ensure driveways have the necessary traction. CONTACT
The industry standard is three to six months. CONTACT
Castle Driveway answers this question while looking at your property. No two are alike! If your driveway is covered with non-messy shade trees, it may last four years or longer with our proprietary sealer. Driveways in full sun, poorly maintained, supporting several cars that may have fluid leaks, are more likely to require sealcoating more often. CONTACT


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