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Asphalt Pavement Deterioration is a never-ending process. Castle Driveway’s proprietary seal coating delivers extraordinary results.


Castle Driveway is the best company for driveway seal coating, hot crack filling, pothole repair, cut & patch, infrared asphalt repair, and line stripping, serving Westchester and Fairfield counties. Castle Driveway is licensed in NY and CT and has solved asphalt problems for homeowners and commercial property managers since 1979.
When you choose Castle Driveway, you’ll benefit from many years of technical and ongoing research and development. Our sealer meets or exceeds all USAF, USDOT, FAA, ASTM, and Federal standards and specifications.
Castle Driveways’ proprietary seal coating is superior (and exclusive) to residential seal coating and commercial asphalt repair customers in our market area. Our beautiful, high-quality – long-lasting sealer protects the pavement better than competitors. As a result, our customers have lower maintenance costs, significantly enhancing property values.
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Our Workflow

1. Clean existing asphalt
2. Spot treat engine oil/fluid stains
3. ⁠Cracks filled
4. ⁠Close up of crack filling
5. ⁠Proprietary Sealcoating applied
6. ⁠Line Stripes Painted
7. ⁠Completed Job
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